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Dalian Multi-Best Heavy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd   is one of the leading manufacturers of high frequency carbon steel tube mill line, Roll Forming Machine, steel slitting line ,steel cut to length line, etc Our manufacturing facilities are located in Dalian, China. Location allows the production of inexpensive equipment. Shop area is 10 thousand square meters. Engineering support from Russian, German and Taiwan engineers.Many of our units are successfu working for many years in Russia and the CIS. Previous years, our factory was mainly designing equipment for the Russian-speaking market as the owner of the corporation is a Russian citizen. But today we offer our proven units to the rest of the world. The design of our units is one of the most effective available to this day, since we use a shorter forming section, we can reduce the amount of rolling tools by almost half. We are able to accurately calculate the number of stands and forming method according to needs of the customer. We produce metal sheet slitting and cutting lines with a very reasonable price and a very effective and reliable design.
       We produce a lot of non-standard components and assemblies that are really necessary for a successful production.